Amazing Little Girl Gina Marie Incandela


I watched The Today Show on NBC this morning and was touched by this story about 7 year old Gina Marie Incandela. This little girl was diagnosed with Autism and could not speak until she was two years old. Amazingly, music has been therapy for her and she is able to sing with a beautiful and angelic voice.

I was very moved by this performance of a song written just for her, "I Dare To Dream." What an amazing gift this girl has at such a young age!

Watch her video, and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

You can find out more about Gina at her website and see more performances as well as buy her CD.
7 comments on "Amazing Little Girl Gina Marie Incandela"
  1. Love your blog. It is so cute.

    Oh by the way I am glad I stumbled across your blog.

    I wanted to invite you to a message board for moms.

  2. What a great story - thanks for sharing! I'm vising from the Under 100 group. Great site!

  3. Wow.
    Music Therapy. Thats so awesome!
    She really does come alive.
    She could be on American Idol!!

  4. What a great story! Thanks for sharing it.

    -stopping by from the MBC 100 club

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