Rachel Ray Show

I love watching the Rachel Ray daytime talk show. Not only do you learn new recipes, but you also find out some other interesting info.

Today on her show, she had the "Human Lab." This is where she brings in guests to try out products and see how they rate.

The Human Lab for today was about eye issues; puffy eyes, dark circles, and crows feet. Rachel's guests were 3 news anchors. Each anchor tried out a different product that claims to help with these problems.

Interesting enough, none of the products tried actually worked on the eye problems. One of the products was a silk pillow case that claimed to make your skin more "glowing" and youthful and to take care of crows feet and wrinkles. The anchor thought her skin did seem to be feeling better, but thought the pillow worked more on reducing hair breakage. I found that to be very funny; how could a pillow case claim to change your skin so drastically that you no longer have lines or wrinkles?

Now that I've passed the thirty mark, this topic has become more interesting to me. Who knew that I would be so fascinated by those little lines that are starting to appear near my eyes?

If you enjoy watching shows about "girl stuff", then Rachel Ray is quite entertaining!
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