Karen Kingsbury's Take One Contest

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Have you heard about Karen Kingsbury's latest contest? If you answer all of these trivia questions correctly, you will be entered in a drawing to win a 15 book library of Karen's books-the entire Baxter series plus Take One-, along with a signed Karen Kingsbury totebag!

* All New Take One Trivia Contest
1. Bailey chose a song from what musical for her audition to be in Indiana University's Scrooge?

2. What's the name of the movie Keith Ellison and Chase Ryan produced?

3. What food item did movie star Rita Reynolds demand so she would stay on the movie?

4. What emotional event happened to Cody at halftime when he returned to Clear Creek High for the homecoming game?

5. What did Cole think his Grandpa John Baxter said when he said "immediate family" at the Baxter family dinner?

6. What TV show interviewed Chase Ryan toward the end of Take One?

Answer all six questions correctly and email the answers to Contests@KarenKingsbury.com and write Take One Trivia in the subject line!

Answers must be submitted no later than March 31!
One winner will be selected randomly from all the correct entries.

You can purchase the books here on Amazon:

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I too am an avid reader =) I'm a new KK convert and had no idea about this contest! I'll be swinging back by in the future as you update; love your page ~ so cheerful!


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