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Are you looking for t.v. shows that you can sit down and watch with your kids? It seems hard to come by lately. Many shows I have tried to watch with my 9 yr old even though they are G or PG rated, still have language or something in them that I don't want my son to see or hear.

For example, Sunday night we sat down to watch The Amazing Race and I was surprised to hear so many cuss words from the contestants. We have watched this show since season 13 because it's fun to see all of the places they travel to and learn new things about other cultures.

In my house whenever someone uses a word that is inappropriate, we say "that'll cost you a quarter." I try very hard not to use any bad words, especially cuss words, around my son or anywhere else. Now and then he will catch me saying something that he thinks is a bad word and will keep track of how much money I owe.

During The Amazing Race , my son kept track of all the bad words and ended up with a total of around $5.50 (25 cents for every cuss word). I was pretty surprised! I hadn't expected that this show would have so many inappropriate words. And even more surprising is that my son was able to pick up on all of them, and keep a running tally, and that detracted from the enjoyment of the show. I remember growing up that they would bleep out those words and I never thought anything of it. Apparently, now you can say all kinds of words on t.v. and they won't bleep them out. It's just sad that they feel it's appropriate to accept anything on tv and don't think about the little ears that hear these words.

That is why I try to watch shows on TLC like Jon & Kate Plus 8, 18 Kids & Counting, Little People Big World, and their recent one, Table for 12. These are family friendly reality shows about unique families,people with multiple children, and different things that they do together. Many of these shows depict families doing service projects with their kids and I think they are a great example for little eyes and ears watching at home.

I don't have to worry about inappropriate words or seeing adult situations when we watch these shows together. And it's great to have a peek into other family's lives and see that they are dealing with the same things that my family does.

The newest show, Table for 12, is about a family with TWO sets of twins and a set of sextuplets who are four years old, one of which is a special needs child with CP. It shows their every day activities and what it's like raising so many children. I had to laugh when I saw their police officer dad get pulled over for speeding in their van after dinner. It just shows how "normal" they are. They aren't perfect, but as parents they do their best every day to raise their kids with love and learning from life's little mistakes.

You can find out more about these shows on TLC.
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  1. Oh my family love Jon and Kate plus 8. TLC is very good with having family shows.
    Great blog by the way, found it off the UBP site.

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