The Attic Girl: Pete's Dragon Free Printables & Clips #PetesDragon Pete's Dragon Free Printables & Clips #PetesDragon ~ The Attic Girl


Pete's Dragon Free Printables & Clips #PetesDragon

I think I was about a year old when the original movie Pete's Dragon was made. When I was about 7 years old, I saw it for the first time and it quickly became one of my favorites. I remember wishing that I had my own invisible dragon who could follow me around and help me whenever I needed it! 

I am so excited that they have re-made Pete's Dragon for my own kids to enjoy coming to theaters this August 12th!

Pete's Dragon

Check out these clips: 

Download these fun Pete's Dragon printables at home!

Activity Sheets/Printables
*click on upper right hand corner to pop out and download/print 

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No compensation was received for this post.  All photos and info. provided by Walt Disney Studios and used with permission.

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