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I Want To Remember That Laugh


I woke up feeling pretty rotten today.  I have had bad allergies that are starting to turn into a cold, possibly worse.  I tend to get this every  spring; starts off with allergies, hits my chest, and sometimes becomes bronchitis.

I took a 2 hr nap on the couch with my little Attic baby.  It helped me feel a little better.  At lunch, I had some hot chicken noodle soup.  That also made me feel better.

But the one thing that has made my day is this little bundle of joy.  I was changing a really nasty diaper (not very fun) and she looked at me with those baby blues and just started to laugh.  There's nothing like that cute giggle to warm this mommy's heart.

I want to remember that laugh.

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Michelle said...

So sweet! I know exactly what you mean!

Mom of 12 said...

She is so beautiful! There's just something about babies...

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