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Moms, Ever Feel Like the White Rabbit?

One of my favorite stories is Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland. And lately, I'm starting to feel like one of my favorite characters. You guessed it, The White Rabbit.

Why do I feel like this?

Throughout my day, I have a list of tasks to complete. I try to arrange my day, but I'm pretty much at the mercy of my baby girl's schedule. And my son's school schedule.

Often times I find myself running around saying "No time to say hello, goodbye...I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

Juggling all of the mommy tasks I have to do can sometimes feel overwhelming. I wish I could be more like the Mad Hatter some days. I'd like to leisurely enjoy some tea (metaphorically speaking, I prefer Mountain Dew to tea) without any regard for time. I'd like to be silly and crazy and let my hair down (or actually wash and comb it more than every other day).

How about you? Are you a mom feeling like the White Rabbbit?

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Brenda said...

Your post is so funny, and so true! I do feel like that all the time. I'm always running around between all 3 kids' school schedules and after school activities.

shopannies said...

you are so right with all the "I Have To's" on the list it gets a bit overwhelming we just have to try to remember that soon the moments will fade and time will change so just stop and take a breath of life every once in a while

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