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Wordless Wednesday: Caption This


Funny little story about this: We were sitting on this bench at the park and this cute dog came up from behind me and nudged me in my backside out of the blue. It was so cute I told my hubby to take a picture of it when she came back around.

Let's play "Caption This." Leave your caption in the linky below.

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Brandy said...

Caption "Hey there do you need a friend?"

Almost like the dog is nudging you to say you can lean on me girl! ha ha!

Too cute, happy WW! Thanks for stopping by my WW post!

Michelle said...

I love Golden Retrievers:) So cute!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Awww this made me remember my Golden Retriever, Harley. I miss him dearly. They are the most caring dogs. Now for a caption:

"Give me some loving, I'm overdue."

Lisa said... luv! lol

By the way, it's a round tuit. Get it?? As in, I'll do that when I get around to it! lol

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